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We all know Etsy is the place to click if you want to find a chunky-crocheted shawl or a personalised dinner plate for your dog.  It is the go-to online marketplace for all things artisan and handmade. What’s often forgotten is the huge amount of bonafide vintage items on sale within its pages.

If you want the original Barbarella movie poster from 1968 or a Maura Manetti Pineapple Ice Bucket from the 70s (yours for just £750 + shipping), you will find one on Etsy, along with a million other items ranging from the historical to the hysterical.

During my countless Etsy expeditions, I’ve come across a small core of shops selling vintage photographs.  These are not reproductions of popular scenes but actual one-off personal photographs bought in bulk at boot sales or salvaged at house clearances.

I’m absolutely captivated by these snapshots in time.  Ordinary folk doing ordinary things.

Like this super-smart grandma with her grand-daughter (Seller AlaskaVintage Click picture to be taken to Etsy account)

alaska vintage

These photos were taken at a time when every frame counted.  A misfire of the shutter was an expensive and disappointing mistake.  Moments were genuinely captured, multiple shots rarely attempted.  Film was largely available in 24 or 36 exposures and each frame was used carefully.  When you had 2 left at the end of a spool, you didn’t waste them.

Courting couples documented days out (Account DearMacyVintage) And sisters were snapped side-by-side (GrainsofBrussels below)

dear macy

Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 9.28.26 PM

Millennials can see the original photos which inspired their Instagram filters… like this casual wedding day pic.  There is nothing I don’t like about this photo.  It reeks 1970s (TheVernacularEye)


Every picture tells a story. This lady has a lot to say… (DandRPhotos)


There’s such a huge variety of content in these accounts.  Special occasions to stolen moments, high jinks to solemnity.  There’s a lot to navigate through if you’re a vintage fan.

I could spend all day cutting and pasting photos to show you but there are literally thousands and thousands more over at Etsy.  Go and have a browse, a click on any of the photos above will give you a good start.

(Cover Photo also by DandRPhotos – click here to be taken to Etsy page)


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