Ebay: Vintage Image Hunt

Ebay doesn’t exactly match the thrill of rummaging through a secondhand shop but it’s still good to dip in from time to time.

The glory days of Ebay are over now, a bit like car boot sales, it’s still possible to find something interesting but it happens less often these days.

Having said that, when you do come up trumps it’s still a brilliant feeling.  I got a wonderful haul of original paintings and other artwork for £14.  I am still pinching myself…  Here’s what I got…

A selection of original watercolours and pastels of small English towns and countryside.





A great watercolour on the back of a Crunchy Nut Cornflake packet.  I love this!

A bright wide print of a lake…


And these are my absolute favourites… Two original ink illustrations, the style seems familiar but I just can’t remember where I’ve seen it before.  They are so accomplished but have an ease about them, I can only wonder they were drawn by a professional cartoonist.  Sadly, there are no signatures so I am at a complete loss.  If you think you know who they are by, please leave a comment below!

Aren’t they great?



This large canvas of a village lake was also included.  It’s so beautifully painted.  I’m going to put it back on a wooden frame.  Isn’t this a great haul for £14?  Affordable art at its best!


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