I’ve been asked this a lot so I’m going to write a short and simple response…

If you want to get on the writing/acting/Fringe-ing train, BOOK THE THEATRE…

Nobody put me up on stage… I did it myself… I wrote a show, rented a space, invited my friends and got on stage and started talking… no set, no soundtrack, NO EXCUSES… It was FAR from perfect (if you wait for your show to be perfect you will never get going).  Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, you absolutely will… we all have… I have MANY times and THAT’S FINE, the important thing is to get things moving…

NOW MORE THAN EVER, I URGE you… If you’ve got something to say, SAY IT – if you are unhappy with the world, get on stage and RAGE… OR create something which will take us all out of it for a short while.


All my brilliant friends who do one-person-shows and stand-up… Nobody asked them to do it… they made it happen. They all have lives, jobs, businesses, families, kids, responsibilities but they just got on with it.  This is completely something you can make happen yourself.  It’s relatively simple to organize on a practical level, the hard bit is having enough self-belief and confidence to get up on that stage… Every performer has been hit by self-doubt at some stage… they sometimes still are… don’t let that be the reason for not speaking up and speaking out.

I know there are loads of you out there with stories and shows who keep stalling… BOOK THE THEATRE.

Pick a date 6 months from now… for 3 months you will do nothing… then you will get pangs of anxiety… then you will slowly write a show… then you won’t sleep… then your friends will start to buy tickets and you will secretly hate them coz it means you can’t back out now… then you will have a BREAKDOWN…

Then you will get on stage and you won’t look back.  It might just be the best thing you ever did.




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