My New Favourite Artist – Matthew Grabelsky

Over Christmas, I was browsing in Barnes and Noble, when I noticed their huge array of art magazines. This is something we’re not used to in the UK.  We have a couple of art monthlies and a handful of high-end quarterlies but we don’t have a whole newsstand section devoted to all things art.  I spent a good hour leafing through deciding which ones to take home for further reading.  Each issue was full of really striking accomplished artwork – simultaneously thrilling and intimidating.  Then, in the pages of the latest Hi-Fructose Magazine,  I saw an image which I immediately loved…

66th Street by Matthew Grabelsky

It’s no secret I’m a big fan of the anthropomorphic animal illustration.  Louis Wain is my hero and I also love the work of Arthur Thiele and Violet Roberts.  I love these three as their illustrations are more than just animals in human poses.  They are humorous, curious and steeped in pathos.  Something I found in Grabelsky’s paintings. Yes! these exquisite, detailed works are oil paintings…

Camilla and Nana by Matthew Grabelsky

Camilla and Nana by Matthew Grabelsky

Each tells a story, they are more than merely portraits.  Relationships between parents and children, young lovers and friends are superbly realised.  The warmth between them is palpable.  It adds a new dimension to a familiar terrain, the drab surroundings of the New York subway suddenly become vibrant. The colours and acutely-observed detail compel the eye to dwell longer.  Some pictures show animals in unison with people which appeals to my sensibilities further.  This collection is a Humans of New York for those who see animals as their equals.

Franklin Street by Matthew Grabelsky

I’m only treating you to 3 pics here.  You MUST visit his website to see the whole collection —>  Also pick up the latest issue of Hi-Fructose Magazine to find out more about the man behind the art…  You can also follow him on Instagram right here —> Instagram



***The pictures are the property of Matthew Grabelsky and I reproduce them here with the greatest respect and adoration.



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