Bowie/Collector – Sotheby’s 2016

On the 10th & 11th November, 350 items from David Bowie’s extensive art collection go up for sale at Sotheby’s.  During the week preceding, these items are on show to the public at Sotheby’s London HQ.  It’s an eclectic selection of drawing, sculpture, painting and furniture.  You should definitely take the opportunity to view them before they are squirreled away in private collections.

There is a lot of variety here, stylistically and financially.  While a Basquiat is expected to reach somewhere in the region of £3million, the estimate on a Maria Sanchez ashtray is a mere £60-80.  Although one can assume Bowie devotees will push that value much higher in their desire to own something their hero once casually stubbed out a Gitanes in.

There’s an added dimension to viewing someone’s art collection as opposed to a curated exhibit in a gallery.  There is a lot of Bowie reflected in these rooms.  Uncompromising and confronting stands alongside bold and fun.  Some pieces are ridiculously cool and others are just plain weird.

This collection is as interesting and exciting as any exhibition I have seen in London in the last couple of years.  It’s also the busiest.  The Bowie dimension has brought a lot of people in to view an art collection.

The viewings close at noon on Thursday 10th, so make sure you get down there soon.


I took some really terrible photos so take a look at the Sotheby’s website for comprehensive listings and photographs of all items.  You can also pick up a mini catalogue for £15 (pictured below) which has the listings along with essays. (they are already changing hands for £50 on Ebay).






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